The Specht Sheet is a monthly publication written by expert, Ken Specht. Ken Specht is the world’s foremost expert on Rolex watches. His monthly publication provides detailed grading instructions and fair wholesale prices to help you in valuing Rolex, Patek Philipe, Cartier and other precious vintage watches. For only $149.00, a valued subscriber is entitled to Ken’s expert advice through our exclusive toll-free number to answer any watch questions you may have. We also buy, sell and repair watches at special rates for our subscribers!

The Specht Sheet not only gives accurate pricing but Ken also gives you information about the current watch market through his “What’s Hot & What’s Not” section and other valuable market conditions through “The Business Corner.” It also provides information to help increase your working knowledge of the watch business, including updates on watch shows and auctions in both national and international markets. Best of all, Ken stands behind all the prices in The Specht Sheet. If we help you value a watch, we’ll pay the value for it.



With a fluctuating market, Ken updates the watch prices each month himself. We do not sell individual sheets on a monthly basis for that reason. Old news is NOT better than no news at all! Stay up to date because if you’re selling a watch at a previous month’s price, you might be making a huge mistake!! And don’t forget, the subscription you pay for through our company guarantees you the ability to speak to Ken Specht about any question on any watch brand, including help in distinguishing fakes!

Our subscription price for one breaks down to only 12.49 a month! A phenomenal deal for the amount of information and one on one attention you receive with our price guide!

If you are a dealer, jewelry or watch appraiser, pawnbroker or just an avid collector, The Specht Sheet is what you need! One mistake in valuing a watch can pay for the subscription itself.