Celebrating 30 Years of the Specht Sheet

The Specht Sheet is a monthly publication providing detailed grading instructions and fair wholesale prices to help you in valuing Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Cartier and other precious vintage watches.

For only $149.00, you get a year's access to the Specht Sheet and are entitled to Ken's expert advice through our exclusive toll-free number to answer any watch questions you may have.

We also buy, sell and repair watches at special rates for members of the Specht Sheet.

Watch Expert Ken Specht: Founder of the Specht Sheet

I have used Ken Specht's "Specht Sheet" since the 1990's. It is the authoritative resource for Rolex and Fine watch wholesale pricing."

A.J. Finver - Rancho Gold & Jewelry

When it comes to over all watches and particularly Rolex, nobody beats Ken. Always there for advice and help. Highly recommend him.

Barry Block - The Jewelry Judge

The Specht Sheet.....published monthly by Ken Specht...lists the prices for Rolex, Cartier and Patek wristwatches that Ken WILL ACTUALLY PAY! This is a fantastic pricing and information guide for Rolex collectors!


The Specht Sheet Company is thorough, professional and useful. I highly recommend Ken and his company.

Vickie Riggs - Vickie Riggs Designs

Great prices on all Watches, parts, and awesome customer service. Chris Rose Regional Manager BJS Pawnshop, LA

William Johnson - BJ'S Jewelry & Loan