With today’s market always moving rapidly, the prices commanded by desirable modern and vintage timepieces are continually rising at a steady pace. Though this is a positive sign which points to the prosperity within our industry, it’s also an incredibly important factor to consider in how you approach buying and selling fine wristwatches. Offering yesterday’s prices today leaves you looking unknowledgeable, and selling at yesterday’s prices today can potentially translate to leaving hard earned dollars on the table. For this reason, it’s of the utmost importance that you ensure the prices guiding your trading are always accurate and up to date.

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Regardless of whether you’re an experienced watch dealer or a new trader trying to learn the ropes of the industry, The Specht Sheet’s services are of significant value in both the short and long term. For those looking to trade fine timepieces from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Cartier, but are unaware of current market values, this invaluable pricing guide acts as your compass in navigating the market.

No matter what watch you’re offered or are interested in offering on, the Specht Sheet can provide an up-to-the-minute value that leaves room for a profit to be made. If the timepiece in question can’t be found on our watch price list, specialists are always available to take your phone calls and assist in determining the value of any particular watch. All this ensures you’re perpetually prepared to conduct business with wholesale dealers and retail clients alike.

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For the seasoned professional who’s been trading watches for years now, it might not seem necessary to incorporate The Specht Sheet’s guidance into your business, but upon closer consideration its extreme value is abundantly clear. Though you yourself might have a comprehensive grasp on pricing structures, scaling your watch trading business requires the training of employees to be equally knowledgable.

With The Specht Sheet watch price list’s assistance, training new employees is as simple as instructing them to refer to the sheet before offering on any watch. With our expert consultation services at their disposal, you can rest easy knowing employees tasked with buying will never mistakenly overpay on a watch, and are always being guided by 30 years of trust in the watch industry.

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Moreover, The Specht Sheet is also pleased to assist by purchasing vintage and modern watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and more. Unable to sell a particular piece or unsure of its appeal with your client base? Call our toll free number and we’ll be pleased to provide you with an offer for your fine timepiece.

All of this amounts to the single most comprehensive resource in watch trading, ensuring the success of your watch trading business and ultimately the satisfaction of your clients. Always reflecting the market and maximizing your watch sales profits, membership most definitely has its perks.