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Accurate pricing is of the utmost important in ensuring your margins when trading Rolex,Patek Philippe,and Cartier timepieces.Updated on a monthly basis,The Specht Sheet watch price list always reflects the market to maximize profits. Now available online and easily searchable, access the price list for just $150 per year, including free specialist consultations via our toll free number.


Watch Expert and
Specht Sheet Founder

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Only $12.49 per month, receive access to The Specht Sheet and our specialists.


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Updated monthly, the Specht Sheet is committed to your success. Never overpay on a watch again.

Here’s What People Are Saying About the Specht Sheet Watch Price List

I have used Ken Specht's "Specht Sheet" since the 1990's. It is the authoritative resource for Rolex and Fine watch wholesale pricing."

A.J. Finver - Rancho Gold & Jewelry

When it comes to over all watches and particularly Rolex, nobody beats Ken. Always there for advice and help. Highly recommend him.

Barry Block - The Jewelry Judge

The Specht Sheet.....published monthly by Ken Specht...lists the prices for Rolex, Cartier and Patek wristwatches that Ken WILL ACTUALLY PAY! This is a fantastic pricing and information guide for Rolex collectors!

The Specht Sheet Company is thorough, professional and useful. I highly recommend Ken and his company.

Vickie Riggs - Vickie Riggs Designs

Great prices on all Watches, parts, and awesome customer service. Chris Rose Regional Manager BJS Pawnshop, LA

William Johnson - BJ'S Jewelry & Loan

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As a member of the Specht Sheet watch price list, you receive access to our discounted watch repair services. For 30 years, members have trusted Ken Specht with the meticulous repair and restoration of their timepieces.Sign up and call us today for more information on watchmaking services.

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