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Rolex Bezels: Where Function Meets Aesthetics

Rolex bezels are not just functional components; they’re an integral part of your watch’s aesthetic and value. Whether you’re looking to replace a worn-out bezel or simply want to customize your Rolex, our collection of bezels offers something for everyone.

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26mm Custom 0.7ct Diamond Bezel 18k Yellow Gold
26mm Custom 1ct Diamond Bezel 14k Yellow Gold
26mm Custom 1.5ct Diamond Bezel 18k Yellow Gold
36mm Custom 1.3ct Diamond Bezel 14k Rose Gold
36mm Custom 1.3ct Diamond Bezel 14k Yellow Gold
36mm Custom 2.5ct Diamond Bezel 18k Yellow Gold

Why Choose a Rolex Bezel from The Specht Sheet?

Authenticity Guaranteed

All our Rolex bezels are 100% authentic, ensuring that you’re getting the quality you expect from a Rolex accessory.

Wide Selection

From the classic Oyster to the elegant Fluted, we offer a wide range of bezel styles to match your Rolex watch.

Expert Guidance

Our Rolex specialists are on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you choose the perfect bezel for your timepiece.

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