7 New References in Patek Phillippe’s Aquanaut Collection to Note

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Collection

Pour yourself at least 48 ounces of coffee because, this morning, we have seven new Aquanauts to introduce, broken out across four main references. Ready? Take a deep breath: The lineup includes two new men’s Aquanaut Chronographs in white gold (5968G), three new diamond-set steel Aquanaut Luces with quartz movements (5267/200A), an automatic, diamond-set Aquanaut […]

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Rolex Watches reach new highs !

I’ve never actually owned a Rolex Submariner, new or vintage. But for a long time, I seriously considered picking up one of the latter, probably a 5512 or 5513 from my own birth year of 1982. With vintage prices significantly higher than they were when I first started paying attention to watches, the feeling that […]

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